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In (me)volution: Change Begins With Me authors Tony Myers and Jon Duschinsky share a model of how ordinary people transition from having a great, powerful idea about changing something, to building a movement that actually changes it.

Contributors to this book include: Ken Burnett, Fraser Green, Simone Joyaux, Tom Ahern, Jana Ledvinova and Kay Sprinkel Grace.

It is about seeing and hearing how others have changed their world and mapping that experience so that it can be shared.

The stories they share provide the real reason for the book – to help us, as individuals, understand our own power to change the world.

(me)volution shows us how others have done it, turning their experience into a model that we can all follow. (me)volution is a wake up call to us all. It is a confidence-booster to help us remember that we all have both the ability and the tools to ignite passions and set the world on fire – should we choose to.

The ordinary people who are the heroes of this book have all changed the world, and they have provided a path, that now, for the very first time, we can all follow. This is the path, the journey of (me)volution.

Unlike anything else you will read this year, (me)volution will help you make your mark, build your legacy and make your difference. Because all change begins with me. Or in this case, it begins with you.

Jon Duschinsky was recently named #2 of Top Communicators in Philanthropy, Social Innovation and Fundraising – second only to Bill Clinton. Read Jon’s ground-breaking book, a book that chronicles how ordinary people can change the world.